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One Person shot outside DaBaby’s North Carolina home, police say




 One person was reportedly shot and wounded outside the North Carolina home of rapper DaBaby, according to police, in a statement Thursday. but it was unclear if he himself was involved or hurt.

According to reports, DaBaby and at least one other person were at the home when the shooting happened Wednesday evening (4/13), Troutman Police Chief Josh Watson told The Associated Press. But he wouldn’t divulge who was shot or who did the shooting, citing an ongoing investigation. He said the injuries of the unidentified wounded person were not life-threatening. It has since been reported, the person was shot in the leg.

A spokesperson for the rapper didn’t immediately respond to RhythmNations email request for comment on Thursday.

Troutman, located in Iredell County, is 35 miles north of Charlotte.

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TRANSITIONS | Charles McCormick, Bassist And Lead Singer Of Bloodstone



The R&B/Soul Group Bloodstone has been around since the early 60’s, but has been an important part of R&B and Pop Music history since the release of “Natural High” back in 1973, the iconic song, lead by bassist and lead singer, Charles McCormick, topped the R&B and Pop Charts on it’s way to going Gold then Platinum, cementing the group in music history. We were recently informed that McCormick has passed away.

The group formed on the local scene in Kansas City as “The Sinceres” (a self contained vocal/instrumental group), band founders Harry Williams, Charles McCormick, Charles Love, Willis Draffen, Roger Durham, Melvin Webb, Hense Powell and Kenneth Smith took their unique sound to stages across their native Kansas City, crossing racial boundaries and working to establish harmony both on and off stage. The band honed its skills and crafted what became the distinctive BLOODSTONE sound before striking out for London, England, in 1972 where they were signed to Decca Records. The groups music was released stateside on Motown.

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Bloodstone’s other hits include “Never Let You Go”, “Outside Woman” and “My Little Lady”. Bloodstone was instrumental in the “black rock” and funk movement of the 1970s, and even played a role in the brown-eyed-soul movement with some Latin-tinged hits. Bloodstone performed with a virtual who’s who of stellar performers over the years.

In recent years McCormick continued the group with Harry Williams and Donald Brown and has also recorded a few songs outside of Bloodstone as a single artist. We have included a couple of those solo recordings below. Our condolences to the family.

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Steve Harvey Talks About Owing More Than $20M To The IRS: ‘They Were Cashing The Checks, Keeping The Money



During an interview, on Earn Your Leisure podcast, Radio/Television Host/Comedian Steve Harvey recalled how he got into some trouble with the IRS for more than $20 million back in 2008.

The game show host and Miss Universe Pageant host stated… “My accountant died, and an accountant that worked for him called my lawyer and said, ‘We have a problem,’” he said in the interview. “She had found on the floor all my tax forms for 7 years, signed with the checks stapled to them.”

Harvey added, “They were cashing the checks, keeping the money, and not turning in the tax forms….They didn’t cash it, they took the money out [of] the account that matched the exact number.”

Harvey also told Yahoo News, who reported on his tax troubles in 2016, that the situation happened not long after he married his wife, Majorie. He had major concerns, and worried he’d lost his wife and his possessions.

“I sat my wife down and she cried and I held her and I told her it was going to be alright; I was going to get us out,” Harvey said.

To pay off the debt, Harvey said he took every gig and contract made to him, grinding until a “big deal” came through in 2012 that allowed him to pay off the debt.

Harvey has not performed his stand-up act since 2012, and has hosted his two main gigs, a morning radio show and a daytime talk show. Harvey has also hosted the Miss Universe Pageant for the last six years and currently has his own court show. The Family Feud host has also written several relationship books, including Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, which was turned into two movies starring Kevin Hart.

Harvey created The Steve Harvey Collection in 2012. The menswear line includes suits, ties and dress shirts. The brand also has children and a big and tall selection., presently, Harvey is reportedly worth more than $200 million according to Forbes

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Black Twitter still Ablaze With The Jill Scott Sex Tape Hoax, While Jill Scott laughs.



For the last week or so there has been a festering rumor on Black Twitter alluding to the existence of a leaked sextape related to a major R&B singer-songwriter. Jill Scott recently found herself in the middle of that controversy after those questionable rumors surfaced online.

The baseless claim was first made by an unidentified Twitter user on Tuesday, January 4, 2022. Despite having no substantial evidence, the rumor sent social media users into a frenzy and several people frantically searched high and low for the alleged video on the internet.

Black Twitter popped off with frantic fan responses, and reactions with some questioning why Scott had not addressed it if it were not true, then the truth began to set in, they realized it was all a hoax.

Scott finally did speak to the rumor by addressing people’s enthusiasm toward the racy gossip… ““Say word!?!” “I expect this energy when my new movies, albums and tv show drop. Y’all too much. #headedbacktowork #hydrate.” The classy rebuttal was accompanied by a GIF of herself bowing onstage.

To sum it up… Much ado about nothing. Someone tweeted something about how there was a ‘racy’ video of Jill floating around, which then led “Jill Scott sex tape” to trend on Twitter, which in turn. Lead some fans to frantically search the internet for hours, while many others shared jokes and memes. Then acceptance that it was all a hoax.

Prior to the sex tape controversy, the 49-year-old singer recently appeared on Jemele Hills’ Unbothered Podcast where she revealed that she is considering moving from the U.S. for the safety of her 12-year-old son.

“It’s terrifying because it doesn’t matter if you have, or you don’t,” Scott said of raising her son in America’s racial climate. “All that matters is that you’re brown. That’s it.”

She explained “Just to know that he will be on the road, just to know that he will be away from people that love him in a world that will decide whether he’s guilty of something because he’s brown. That’s terrifying. It makes me consider leaving this place often.”

Scott went on to explain “Just to know that he will be on the road, just to know that he will be away from people that love him in a world that will decide whether he’s guilty of something because he’s brown. That’s terrifying. It makes me consider leaving this place often.”

Scott added “We like Holland. They chilling,” she told Hill. “They have great healthcare, they ride their bikes everywhere … people are pretty fit. They speak more than Dutch. Most people speak three or four different languages. That’s dope. It’s below sea-level so, the food is well-hydrated.”

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HUH? | Kanye Buys House Across The Street From Kim… Say What?



When Kanye West is struck by inspiration, he tends to quickly follow through with action. Last month, while donating Thanksgiving meals to the L.A. Mission, West got on the horn for a surprise announcement to the local crowd — saying he planned to “get his family back together” and rekindle a relationship with estranged wife Kim Kardashian. The fashion mogul added that if he couldn’t live “in the house” with his family, he would buy “the home right next door” to Kardashian.

Turns out West wasn’t just whistling Dixie. Though he’s already got a new $57.3 million Malibu mansion about 30 minutes (by car) from Kardashian’s vast Hidden Hills estate — and though she apparently has not wavered from wanting a divorce — West wishes to remain closer at hand. And so he’s dropped another $4.5 million on a relatively modest Hidden Hills estate, one that happens to lie directly across the street from the ex-Kimye compound. From here, the 44-year-old will presumably be able to keep a watchful eye on Kardashian’s doings.

(Kanye buys house Continues below)



This Is The House ‘Ye Bought…

(Kanye buys house Continued)

Astute real estate followers will know that the erstwhile pair spent years and untold millions building their massive Hidden Hills estate, which was featured in Architectural Digest last year. Back in October, Kardashian paid West $23 million to buy out his 50% stake in the multi-acre property.

By comparison to that enormous spread, West’s new bachelor crash pad is a bonafide hovel. Built in 1955 and owned by the same non-famous family ever since, the single-story rancher is spacious but architecturally unremarkable, with four bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms in about 3,600 square feet. (There’s also a wee guest studio with another bedroom and full bathroom, best-suited for staff, attached to the garage.) The equestrian ranch spans just over a flat acre of land, and also includes horse stables and some very dated interiors with wall-to-wall carpeting and a distinctly ’80s bathroom or two.

Given West’s status as an architectural tastemaker — his Malibu home was curated by legendary Japanese designer Tadao Ando and his former Hollywood Hills digs are a study in aggressive minimalism — he’ll almost certainly give the place a gut rehab before a move-in date can be set.

But none of that seemed to matter much. West really, really wanted the place — and he paid a whopping $421,000 over the sellers’ asking price to secure the deed.

Still, given its age, the property appears well-maintained. The big front lawn was recently replaced with drought-resistant AstroTurf — a good thing for the water bill, given that the San Fernando Valley’s scorching summer temperatures can top 110 degrees. The existing kitchen was remodeled in 2005 and includes a spacious island, granite countertops and some generic-looking white ovens and a white dishwasher.

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